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New member application and renewals

Members in good standing have the following privileges (Bylaws Art I, sec.3.)

a) Attend and fully participate in membership meeting regarding motions, debates, voting, elections and all other activities normally expected at a membership meeting.
b) Become a candidate for office if qualified.
c) Have access to Polish Club records.
d) Participate in all of the Polish Club business and social functions.

The other membership benefits include:

1. Connection with other members of the Club who cultivate and cherish their Polish heritage.
2. Discounts on admission to various club organized events (subject to availability).
3. Discounts on a club rental for a family function (subject to availability).
4. Access to the Polish and English Library housed in buildig of the Club.
5. Free admission to the Club’s annual Christmas “Oplatek”.
6. Your childern, who as students have completed their first year of higher education, may apply for the Annual Scholarship of up to $1000.

New Member Application

By submitting this form, I do hereby petition the Polish Club of Denver to accept this application as my/our formal request for membership and respectfully request that it be given consideration by the Membership Committee and the Board Members without delay. I understand that the decision to approve, or to decline this application, shall rest entirely with the current Membership Committee and Board Members and be considered final. Upon approval of this application and acceptance into the Polish Club of Denver, I pledge to uphold the Club’s Constitution, By-Laws, and Standing Rules, to treat my fellow members with respect, to actively promote Polish-American heritage and culture, to support club programs and activities which are good for the Polish community. I pledge to govern myself/ourselves accordingly in all matters related to the Polish Club of Denver.

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